Vignette #1: Sample advertisement for a slave

Slave must be willing to relocate.

Twinks preferred, muscle subs also enjoyed. Slaves of other body types must expect to be fed and exercised until they to conform to one of these two body types.

Slave’s life will be about his owner. When he is first relocated he will not have a job for several months as he learns to perform all of his master’s domestic tasks to his master’s satisfaction. After that point his master may or may not choose to have him employed part-time while the master is himself away at work. His employment will always be based on his owner’s decision about how to use his slave. The slave’s master is conscientious about healthcare and will ensure the slave has insurance and adequate access, as well as a plan for the slave to re-enter society or find another master in case of the master’s death.

In the privacy of kink-friendly spaces, including his owner’s home, the slave will be kept constantly naked excepting:

  • collar (always)
  • chastity cage (always)
  • cuffs
  • butt plug
  • jewelry (for any piercings, as well as other decorations as desired, including items such as clip-in cat ears)
  • hoods (rarely; both isolation and/or pup hoods depending on master’s desire and assessment of slave’s inclinations)

Strict protocols will be expected of the slave, and he will be trained to follow them at any time he is not ordered to do otherwise. Protocols will include, but not be limited to:

Proper sitting posture, demonstrated by pup Leff
  • obeying any order given to him by one of his betters, immediately (if such an order would interfere with another order or rule of his master’s, any order given by his master takes precedence; otherwise he must ask for clarification and explain the conflict)
  • remaining on all fours in kink-friendly spaces, excepting cases where it would be dangerous to do so (such as traversing stairs) or impossible to accomplish a task well (cooking his betters’ meals)
  • eating from bowls or plates on the floor, or from the bare floor itself, when in kink-friendly spaces
  • being disallowed on furniture excepted when invited, and then only for as long as the superior who invited him indicates he may remain there
  • his sitting posture is to always have his legs beneath him (seiza posture, side-saddle posture, or similar); he is not allowed to touch his anus to the floor
  • keeping himself lubed and clean for his owner’s sexual use, whenever his master may desire

In order to assure his adherence to the rules and protocols he must live by, especially his complete submission and obedience to his master and his other superiors, the slave can expect positive and negative reinforcement as well as mental conditioning.

Negative reinforcement is simplest, and will vary according to the slave’s temperament. Those which do not enjoy physical pain will be punished with bare-handed spankings, paddlings, canings, or similar. Those that instead find such activities to be rewarding may be punished with corner time, applications of icy hot or itching powder, and similar less-conventional aversions.

Mental conditioning may be combined with negative reinforcement in the form of writing lines, but more often will not be affiliated with positive nor negative reinforcement. Such conditioning will usually take the form of affirmations of his inferiority, submission and service the slave must memorize and recite. His morning affirmation might involve reciting his love, admiration, respect, and adoration of his owner, reminding himself of his feelings towards the man whose service is the slave’s life purpose. His evening affirmation might involve reciting the chores, tasks, and services he performed for his master that day, expressing his enjoyment of getting to do such work for his owner, and thanking his owner for the opportunity and privilege. Before eating, his affirmation may be to prostrate himself with his nose to the floor, lick the floor, and thanking his owner for providing the slave with all of his food and making all decisions about what he gets to eat so that he can be the best-looking slave he can be for his owner.

Positive reinforcement will typically take the form of being allowed to lay his head in his master’s lap; receiving pets or verbal assurances that he is a good boy; being given tasty treats appropriate to his diet, such as fresh fruit; and similar rewards that focus on his inferiority to his owner even as they praise the slave’s performance and mindset.

Master’s bio: the man seeking this slave is a white-collar professional in his thirties. His own body type has varied from athletic to chubby over the last three years, and is currently chubby, but will transition back to athletic over the next year. He works in the tech industry and has interests in science-fiction and fantasy settings. He spends his free time working with boys, visiting friends, working out and gaming. He predominately plays board and virtual strategy games. He is polyamorous, and his partners range from dominant to switch to submissive.

Inquire with any additional queries or clarifications.

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